Ftv Girls Aurora in Born To Be Active

She’s a hypersexual, kinky 18 year old who is starting her career in porn, and has FTV as her very first adult experience! Besides being fun-loving and supercute, she is also quite athletic, and we get to enjoy this sporty girl in all sorts of public activities.

We first see her at a park, where she’s on roller skates, wearing a short skirt… We get all sorts of upskirt panty views while people jog by, and then she pulls the panties aside and starts fingering herself! The risky play continues with butt shots, rolling around the neighborhood, flashing construction guys, then taking everything off and roller skating naked on the street! She then does an interview at a restaurant, with upskirt views under the table…

Back home, she finger masturbates, rubbing her clit to a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then she shows off her pretty private parts, exposing her clit, labia stretching, and talking about her kinky sex life. She then tries to fist herself, going four, then five fingers, but her hand is too big! It ends up being a near-fist. Then she brings out a giant radish, and fucks in big end first, going as deep as it can go! Notice how her tight vagina holds onto it, and pushes it out when she wants to.

Changing into a cute flower child look, she dances to some music, then meets the new, even bigger FTV Monster Toy. She finger masturbates first, to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, then starts riding it. Its so huge, she only gets the head in at first, then goes deeper… with some help takes nearly half of it down! Then she uses the Vibraking Toy to a rather strong and sudden orgasm, and four-fingering herself deep to her g-spot. Later that night, she flashes some more at a restaurant, horny as ever! By the way, doesn’t she remind you of the actress Elisabeth Olsen?

The supercute sporty teen Aurora continues her adventure, now showing off her tennis skills! Out at a public tennis court, we see her in cute, short tennis outfit, with panties that are split in the middle, showing off her labia! She plays for a while in this rather open, public place, making it really risky when she sits down in the middle of the court to finger herself with two, three, then four fingers.

It then gets super kinky when she fucks herself with her tennis racket handle! Notice how her tight vagina holds on to the racket… Then she sits on a nearby bench and finger masturbates to orgasm! She then ends up peeing in public…

Going to a department store, she changes panties, then fucks her tennis racket again, oh my! She then visits a construction site and gets naked in front of some employees. In the grass, we see her do cartwheels, then show off her firm perky breasts with a nice hard massage, and nipple play. In another sexy but seethrough dress, we watch her play a little more tennis on another court, then it becomes all about her butt — and she fingers herself anally right on the tennis court!

Going home, she takes a 7 inch dildo, and fucks herself anally, and takes the entire length inside her butt, and even tries forcing the base in too! The kinky play moves on to a chain of ben wa balls, as she stuffs them inside her vagina, then uses the vibraking to come to a strong orgasm (with contractions super visible because of her being stuffed by balls) and then moving onto pushing the balls inside her butt for more anal play!

As the day comes to an end, she does some cartwheels in the grass, then brings out the clear plug that when she pushes inside her vagina you see deep inside! And so ends this teen’s sporty and kinky adventure shoot — a very sexual, natural masturbator with a kinky side — the ideal kind of girl for FTV 🙂

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