Ftv Girls Lexi & Charlotte Going Beyond Friendship

Real life friends from high school, these two 19 year olds went down different paths in life, but remained in contact, and both ended up becoming FTV girls. What they do have in common, are those big perfect naturals, and their love of sex & masturbation! Lexi, with her first time experience a few months back, introduced Charlotte to FTV, who had a very adventurous shoot a few weeks later; now we see them together!

They’ve never done anything with each other before, so it is their first lesbian experience. We see the two holding hands and making out at a biking trail, wearing cute outfits of their own style. Soon enough their huge breasts come out, and they’re playing with each other and sucking on each other’s breasts! As people on bicycles pass by, they continue being frisky, touching each other until they decide to go home.

On the couch, they strip each other down and start doing down on each other, fingering and then rubbing hard to get each other to orgasm. Also, notice how big Lexi’s breasts have become, they’ve become double d’s! So we get to enjoy the girls squeezing, sucking and playing with their breasts, before going kinky.

Taking a large summer squash, Charlotte pushes it into Lexi’s vagina, big end first! Then Lexi masturbates with the Vibraking Toy, ending up with a very very strong orgasm and some very strong vaginal contractions while the big squash is in her! Its then used on Charlotte, but she wants to try the Vibraking too… she never has before. Her experience leads her to her own super strong orgasm, and notice those multiple, strong vaginal contractions!

Lexi comes up with the idea of using the summer squash inside her to fuck Charlotte with… while scissoring her! On the next day, we see Charlotte by herself, in a cute summer dress, parading around at a mall — taking off her panties, she gives us upskirt views and plays with herself right there! She even gets completely naked and does a nude shoot at a walkway leading to the mall!

At lunch, she flashes those big, firm breasts… Back home, she masturbates with the Vibraking Toy again, in combination with a vibrating dildo, and ends up having three orgasms and even a little squirt too! She’s never squirted before in her life! She tries anal as well, using a black dildo, pushing it as deep as it can go — notice how it streches her tight butt! We also get to enjoy that naked form in another sexy dance at the pool. Two very busty girls, with the perfect naturals combine in this update for a fun, genuine first time lesbian experience for them both 🙂

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