Ftv Girls Kandace in Dangerous Curves

When you first see this tall, sexy girl, you notice her very womanly proportions — she’s got just the perfectly shaped full set of breasts and full butt… then you see how gorgeous she is as well!

This flawless beauty keeps her body tattoo-free as well. With her debut in porn on this update, Kandace is a first timer who is not shy about showing off her figure, and in public that is!

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We first see her visit a downtown area wearing a tight top showing cleavage, a tight red skirt, and sexy tall heels. Just watching her walk around and seeing those breasts bounce is hot in itself — then she lets her big breasts out! At this public place, she skirts security, and gives us peeks up her dress, as well as some hot butt shots. Some employees look down and she waves back topless…

Back home, she finds herself the Vibraking Toy, ends up with two orgasms, and a mini-squirt! We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, as well as gaping. She then is ‘probed’ by fingers, touching her insides up close…

She has strong vaginal muscles, so she can move her vagina at will. Then she gets rather kinky, taking one of her sexy white heels, and fucking herself with it! She takes the whole thick clunky heel deep inside her, and has sex with it for a while. Notice how juicy she gets inside!

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Then she takes a large, thick glass toy, and pushes it in deep, and uses her strong vaginal muscles to shoot it out. She then rides it, fucking and straddling it on top. She has pretty feet, so she does a little foot fetish play, then goes outside to pee while standing up. Later in the day, we watch her tanning outdoors in a cute bikini, then watch her shave her pubic hair. Lathering her privates and breasts with cream, she then gets kinky, by taking her bottoms, and stuffing them inside her till they disappear! Watch her use her strong vaginal muscles to push them out.

She then does a very sexy dance in revealing clothes, showing off her skills and her firm body. Her breasts and butt are some of the firmest we’ve ever seen! Later that night, she uses the Vibraking again, and ends up squirting on the bathroom counter! A lot more to come in part 2…

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