Ftv Girls Lara Lactates & Masturbates

Laura has a really innocent young looking face but when she starts squeezing her tits and milk squirts out you realize she might not be as innocent as she looks.

She lactates while wearing a shirt leaving large dark wet spots over her nipples in the video before she finds a banana and jams it into her pussy masturbating like a real pro.

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Banana Split with Lara

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This girl is a real horny freak but she still looks so fucking cute! She must be a new mom but her body looks amazing and as she stimulates her clitoris with a vibrator toy and she bites her lower lip in pleasure you just want to bury your face in her pussy and eat her out until she moans in orgasmic pleasure. I really wish I was the lucky bastard that knocked her up, or maybe the guy after that now gets to play with her milk filled boobies and fuck her hormone crazed body.

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