Ftv Girls Melody Squirter

Supercute, naughty, and a big favorite of FTV members, Melody is back for a special, doing all sorts of public nudity teases… and squirting everywhere!

We meet her at a popular tourist destination, where she’s wearing a cute white dress and wedges and gorgeous as ever. She parades around the busy mall, giving us upskirt views and flashing her hard nipples. She finds a stairway to settle on, pulls her panties aside, and masturbates & squirts right there!

Taking her panties off in an open hallway, she then squirts on her panties, stuffs them inside her, masturbates some more — and her strong vaginal muscles push the wet panties right back out! She finds another bench to masturbate on, then gets really daring, taking all her clothes off, and parades around naked!Click here for More HD Videos!

She squirts some more, and who knows how many people saw this girl getting naughty! Going for a more sporty theme, she’s jogging on a hiking trail deep in a forest, eventually getting bottomless, so we and see her butt naked as she runs about, even meeting up with deer!

We then see her do some acrobatics, like cartwheels and backbends, then rubs herself and squirts while in these funky positions! She then heads to the public pool in a cute bikini, goes topless, plays with her nipples, then masturbates and squirts on the lifeguard chair while fingering her butt! Later that night we see her naked by the fireplace…

On the next morning we see her in a cute babydoll nightie, and she goes to the balcony to masturbate on the railing while employees work nearby! She then uses the portable magic wand, and ends up having really strong squirts and an orgasmic finish with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how her vagina pulsates with pleasure.

Back to another tourist destination, she’s wearing her sexiest red dress, no panties and the front of the dress is so short! She ends up unintentionally flashing all sorts of passers by with her shaved privates, and we gets lots of upskirt views as well as more squirting masturbation right in public! The shoot wraps up in a busy traffic area on the highway, where everyone is stopped because of an accident, and she ends up making a photoshoot out of it, as well as flashing her privates and butt in front of every driver! Enjoy Melody with her fun adventure shoot, hope she warms up your holiday spirit 🙂

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