Ftv Girls Melody & Harley in New Bisexual Teens

The bi-curious super squirter Melody finally has one of her dreams come true — to have sex with another cute teen — the cute blonde Harley! Together, they make a fun couple, and have two days of fun, sex, orgasms and kinky play with each other.

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They’re first introduced in the bed, naked — and ready to explore each other from the start. In a free-flow shoot, we let them play, discovering their erogenous zones and ending up bringing each other to orgasm via fingering, oral sex and a vibrator. Melody ends up squirting in Harley’s mouth and face, which was a big surprise to her… Melody had never been with a girl until this day, and she loved every minute of it, and she started coming up with things she wanted to do with Harley.

Melody also loves sucking on Harley’s long labia, and sticking her tongue deep into her wet pussy. Harley starts finger banging Melody, pushing in with three fingers, and with the help of a vibrator ends up making Melody squirt several times all over! Then its all about ass worship, and Harley gives Melody a nice butt massage, then starts poking her anally with a finger, and spreading her butt cheeks. In doggy, Melody starts rubbing her clit, and squirts while Harley stimulates her butthole!

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Returning the favor, Melody spreads Harley’s butt cheeks, spreads and tries to gape her butt, drooling into her hole, and slapping her butt! She gets kinkier when she starts rubbing herself again, and squirting all over Harley’s butt! The squirts act like lube, so she can stick three fingers deep in her butt! After all that, Melody starts licking Harley’s butthole! From butt worship they move to breast worship, where Melody sucks on Harley’s nipples, and gives her breasts a very hard massage. Harley sucks really hard on Melody’s nipples, stretching them as far as they can go, and then they start deep kissing and cuddling each other.

Melody’s extreme and kinky side then comes to surface — she wants to demonstrate how she can fist herself to Harley. And so she does, doing a full deep fist, shocking Harley who sees it up close. But her intention is to fist Harley as well, so she eases her with a few fingers, then five, then her whole hand, almost fisting her but its too much for Harley to handle. Listening to music, the pair try on different cute clothes, and dance about, jiggling their bare butts and having a good time together. They pick a pair of red dresses to go out in, which will lead to part two…

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The super cute teens Melody and Harley are out on the town, wearing hot red dresses & wedges, no panties and all about teasing and having fun… Eating at a restaurant row, they start making out, flashing their breasts and giving us upskirt views, while random passers-by watch the action! The girls really stand out in their red dresses, and tend to startle people who aren’t expecting it…

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Finding a more remote area of this touristy region, they start making out some more, exposing their bare butts, and that super horny Melody has to masturbate again! She starts rubbing her clit right there, squirting all over the place, and Harley helps her by fingering her as well. They both end up tasting Melody’s squirts… they also dance to the music, both at the restaurant and on the street, until Harley falls and sprains her ankle! Melody soothes Harley back at home, by kissing her injured foot, then sucking on her toes, and licking her feet. It ends up becoming a foot fetish scene, where both girls end up worshipping each other’s feet.

Then Melody, who is pretty flexible, sucks on her own toes, and the girls share her toes together. In that position, Melody ends up masturbating again, squirting, and getting fingered by Harley! She starts licking Melody’s clit, until she gets squirted in the face… With some good dance music, Melody does a striptease for Harley in a cute little schoolgirl outfit, then grinds against Harley’s leg, until she ends up squirting while humping! Its always hot to watch Melody’s firm butt jiggle around to music, and that girl loves to dance…

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Wearing cute white seethrough dresses, the girls share the Big Ten Toy, giving it a mutual blowjob and deepthroating it. They also share it for a deep, hard ride (with Melody taking it super deep!) and we get to watch them have real pleasure with that big toy filling them up!

Melody ends up squirting when the toy is deep inside her, making her strong vaginal muscles push it out, while Harley ends up having a strong orgasm when Melody helps by rubbing her clit. Together, these teens make a cute couple, and their chemistry really shows on camera… we hope you enjoy this fresh girl-girl experience here, on FTV 🙂

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