Ftv Girls Lindsey in DDD At Nineteen

Visiting from Texas, she’s a total first timer who has never done anything adult, let alone nudes. Not just a cute innocent teen with a nice smile — she has some amazing triple D cup natural breasts!!! No matter where she goes, they’re the first thing you notice.


Early in the morning, we spot her walking down a street, and have her introduce herself to us. Then she teases us with downblouse shots, and shots up her short skirt. Walking further up the road, she takes off her shirt, to reveal the DDD cup bra, and as her breasts come out, wow do they look firm and even bigger with nothing on!

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By the end, she’s walking completely naked, then running — watch those big breasts bounce! She needed to tinkle just a little, so she does it right there… Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, to a nice natural orgasm. She then spreads her vagina and gives us views up close, pushing three fingers in.

We then introduce her to her first vibrator (she’s never masturbated with a vibrator before) and ends up having an even stronger orgasm, with strong vaginal contractions.

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Out poolside, she’s wearing a cute pink bikini, and we watch like voyeurs, noticing her sexy figure, and getting teases of her nipples as her breasts fall out. She’s very flexible, and ends up doing the splits in front of us — and rubbing her clitoris all over again!


Back inside, she finds the Long Dildo, and proceeds to have sex with it, penetrating herself as deep as it can go. Then she ends up having sex with a suction cup dildo, riding it to its base, grinding away until she’s too sore to continue.

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We then get to enjoy her full breasts again, while she massages them with baby oil, then squishes them against a glass table.


We especially love it when she makes those big breasts bounce and jiggle!

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Putting her hair up in a ponytail and wearing a very revealing white top and schoolgirl skirt, we watch her walking through a pretty resort, giving us more upskirt and downblouse teases. The shirt comes off, revealing those massive breasts, and she finds herself on a hammock masturbating again. She wants to use the vibrator again, so she ends up home with it for another orgasm.

Putting on some heels and some tight fitting jean shorts, she then shows off her full butt, pulls them down, spreads her butt, then fingers herself anally! Going two fingers, she pushes her limits anally. She then attempts to ride a larger dildo, but its too big for her — so to finish herself off, she tries the Magic Wand toy — which brings her to an amazing sexual release. One of the bustiest girls of the year, this First Timer will be a welcome addition for all you big breast lovers 🙂

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