Ftv Girls Jayden The Sensual Beauty

She’s a gorgeous, slender and incredibly sensual girl who is trying adult for the first time, using FTV as a way to warm up to porn. She’s possibly one of the most beautiful girls to ever grace the pages of FTV, and she’s kinky to boot!

We spot her walking at a resort area, with a tight black dress, black stockings and heels… She immediately teases us by exposing her nice round breasts, pulling on her nipples, spreading her butt, and toying her long labia! Those sensual eyes draw you in… then she takes her stockings off, shows off her pretty petite feet, spreads some more, then gets naked to play with a vibrator… right there at the resort!


Just to dare some more, she pushes her limits by sticking three fingers in her butt, then her thumb in her vagina! Amazing how this gorgeous girl can be so kinky as well. Later that night, we watch her go get some groceries, and spread and get very explicit in her flashing through the store!

She gets so horny, but we let her wait till next morning to masturbate again. Getting up out of bed, she starts with her fingers, masturbating, then the Vibraking Toy to another strong orgasm. Notice how her vagina responds to her fingers, then to the stronger vibrator. We then see her do up her makeup, dance to some music in her panties… to go out for some more adventures, in part II.


Yup, we find her so awesome, we wanted her for two weeks! Gorgeous, sensual, and willing to try it all, enjoy this first timer on her first experience that will continue in part II.

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2 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Damn girl you’re a damn angel, I could do more then that silly vibrator ever will 😉 ;P

  2. AL says:

    Hi, beauty jayden is amazing, best photos, jay gripping her meaty pussy lips & stretching them in 2 a pink butterfly. & then stretch pulling her outer labia 2 the max, xposing her juicy clit. Jay, pulling her legs bac 2 her shoulders & super spreading her pussy & then using 2 fingers 2 pry open her tight anus. Did not like the dildo, instead, was hoping she was going 2 insert 2 or 3 fingers from each hand deep inside her pussy hole & then gape pulling her pussy hole very wide open, in the same pose, with her legs locked behind her elbows. Like she did with her anus. Chao

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