Ftv Girls Lara loses her jeans

Something about Lara’s face just screams innocent teen girl to me but don’t worry she isn’t really that innocent and she knows how to show off her natural body. Even wearing a shirt the conceals her breasts I think Lara looks amazingly pretty but unbutton that shirt and bam I’ve got a big boner. Her breasts her held up in a sexy bra and after she removes that hindrance her big natural perky tits are exposed.

With her long flowing down over her tits and into her cleavage you are forced to stare at her topless chest. Lara strips off her pants too and then poses for the camera in some sheer panties always keeping that innocent look on her face like she’s confused and not really sure about what she is doing. God damn I want to titty fuck this chick and pull on her sexy hair until she begs me to fuck her pussy!

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2 Responses

  1. OlDirtyBstrd says:

    Always Love Her Sets. I’ve Seen Lots Of Her Sets Before……ohh Baby She’s Golden.
    I wanna Just Bury My Manhood Deep Inside Of Her Cream Skin Pink Natural Fleshly Pussy nd Forget Bout Everything Else Going On.
    1 Of My Favs. Always.

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