Ftv Girls Kenna in Sexy Sorority Girl

She’s a sorority girl and ex-cheerleader who has a very sexual side to her, and is one of the best natural masturbators we’ve ever seen!

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We first meet her at a resort area, where she’s wearing a colorful romper, and gives us teases of her private parts. She has the confidence to take all her clothes off, and we see her toned, fit form walk naked and find a bench… and masturbate right there! She rubs herself hard and fast, and ends up with a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions.

Not shy at all when it comes to orgasms in public places! She then fingers herself, showing how juicy she is after orgasm, and pulls on her long, wet labia. She also has a firm, full and athletic butt, so we get to enjoy her posing in doggy to show it off… then walk back and forth in the nude at this public place!

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Then in a cute schoolgirl outfit and her glasses, she does a sexy dance in stockings & heels, shaking her butt and her long pointy nipples bouncing through her white top. Getting naked, she does a second dance just in stockings, and she definitely knows how to move! Out for lunch, she pulls her tight shorts down and does more flashing, showing off her sexy figure in her casual clothes, then goes to a grocery store for more teasing and to purchase bananas…

She goes home to meet the Big Ten Toy, which she ends up riding down to the base… really deep! She sits on a chair and continues to fuck herself with the toy, making her gape with the width of the thing. Then she gets pounded doggy style with her rubbing her clit to another orgasm. Then she’s back out at another beautiful resort, wearing her sorority style clothes, teasing her butt, then taking all her clothes off for another natural, finger rubbing to orgasm.

Even then, you can see how strong her orgasm is, with the visible vaginal contractions right there on the tile walkway of the resort! She then runs around naked, and shows off her cheerleader form, and then plays and pulls on her long, perky nipples, as well as licking them

Our cute, fit ex-cheerleader goes out for a run on this second day of shooting, and she’s wearing rather tight short shorts that really show off her butt! We watch her run, stretch, then do some cheers and acrobatics at a golf course, teasing us when she can. Then she takes off all of her clothes and starts running around in the nude! She continues with cheers and acrobatics with only her birthday suit…

Out on a mountain trail, we watch her hiking, until she finds a flat rock to settle down on and use a large glass toy. She penetrates herself as deep as it can go, while hikers go by, and shows off her strong vaginal muscles as he pushes the toy in and out! Then she is introduced to a vibrator for the first time in her life, in this case, the Eroscillator Toy.

As she rubs it on her clit, she ends up with a super strong orgasm and vaginal contractions that seem to go on abnormally long! Then we get nice closeups of her clit, while she talks a little about her early sex life, and plays with her long labia. Spreading and gaping her vagina, she then moves to her butt, spreading it for us, and expressing the fact that she’s never had anal before. So another first time ensues, as she fingers her butt for the first time, then uses a small glass toy, pushing it all the way in!

We get all the details up close for you butt lovers. We then see her in a cute sorority girl outfit, just like the college girl next door she is, teasing at a restaurant, then using a banana as a fuck toy at a resort. She ends up doing a little peeing scene, then proceeds to us the Eroscillator Vibrator once again, to another super strong, extra long climax. That vagina contracts like crazy! Its back to more public nudity, as she visits a department store, and gives us upskirt views while she tries on different heels, then records herself undressing and rubbing in the change room.

More teasing at another restaurant, taking her panties off and showing off her naked butt… With her sexy new dress & wedges, we do a cute photoshoot of her, then watch her dance to some 70’s music. Then she models some bikinis poolside, so we can see her sexy abs, and firm butt. For another orgasmic finale, she fucks the Big Ten Toy with a twist — using the Eroscillator on her clit at the same time!

As he pounds herself with the dildo, and vibrates her clit, she ends up with another super strong orgasm, and those vaginal contractions are still visible even when she’s so filled out by the large toy! And so ends another orgasm-filled adventure shoot — this girl had the personality and enthusiasm that makes an FTV girl so special and unique.

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