Ftv Girls Arianna & Natalie in Deep Hands

We’re in for a lucky treat, as FTV’s most popular 2013 model Natalie meets Arianna, both of whom are some of the most extreme girls we’ve had this year!


They are meeting each other for the first time, but get along easily — and Arianna’s beyond excited about many of the things she wants to do to Natalie, and get done on her as well.

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They’re wearing sexy dresses & heels, looking gorgeous, and making out with each other. Soon the teases lead to fingering and oral sex, and Arianna ends up getting fisted hard and deep! Arianna can have orgasms this way, and ends up squirting over Natalie’s hand. Then she gets fisted doggy style, going in even deeper!

Arianna returns the favor, first by going down on Natalie, sucking on her long labia, then working her fist in. It turns into another deep fisting session, and Natalie ends up riding the fist!

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