Ftv Girls Athena & Mindy in Kissing Cousins

These two girls are doing adult work for the first time, and they just happened to be cousins!

In fact, they’ve never even kissed a girl before, but they get rather intimate pretty quickly!

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We meet them at a coffee shop, where the cousins introduce each other, then start making out (first time kiss) and flash their breasts in public! Along a road, they strip down completely naked, chasing after each other! Watch their full breasts bounce, and their nice round butts exposed. Of course, there are people walking their dogs and hiking while they run around naked…

Back home, Mindy masturbates first, with a vibrator, ending up with a strong orgasm & visible vaginal contractions. Notice how wet she gets… Then its Athena’s turn, and she also ends up having an orgasm rather quickly with strong vaginal contractions. These girls cum easily!

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Naked together in the bedroom, they get playful, as Mindy shows off her flexibility and cheerleading skills, then they end up wrestling each other. Putting on sexy red dresses & heels, the girls model for us, give us upskirt views, then dance to music together. Soon enough, they’re naked, spreading each others’ butts!

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Its time to get kinky, and they penetrate each other with long, large cucumbers, trying different positions and seeing who can go deepest on it.┬áThen they try stuffing smaller cucumbers, double penetrating each other and seeing what their limits are. Erotic views of the penetration throughout…

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Back out in public, we see them in more sexy dresses & wedges, flashing their cute figures, and making out. They start fingering themselves, then go home to play some more. Mindy gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, then fingers her butt, and even tries the vibraking toy.

Then Athena joins in with her own masturbation with the Magic Wand toy, ending up with another strong orgasm, and gapes her vagina for us. She also tries out anal fingering… both have never been penetrated anally… Also notice Mindy’s strong vaginal muscles, as she can open/close/tighten her vagina.

We then do some foot fetish, as Mindy’s pretty feet get massaged, toes sucked, and kissed by her cousin. They end up massaging each others’ breasts, then sucking on each other’s nipples. For the grand finale, they end up penetrating each other with a double-ended dildo, grinding against it. Athena ends up pounding Mindy on the floor, fucking her harder and faster over time. What fun-loving girls, and what amazing things they discover about themselves, all for the first time, here on FTV!

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