Ftv Girls Belicia Teen Penetration

Gorgeous, sultry-eyed teen Belicia is doing her very first shoot in adult, and wow, does she have some deep sexual talent!

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We first meet her at a park & resort, where see her in cute casual wear. She slowly strips down on this hot sunny day (notice her slender, fit & toned figure!) and then starts fingering herself.

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She then ends up using a vibrator mostly for deep penetration.

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Speaking of deep, she then goes home and rides the Big Ten Toy… incredibly deep right down to its base! Ten full inches… right to her belly button. She then continues to pound herself with it, and tries some multi-finger stuffing, getting to five fingers. Spreading her vagina and gaping for us, we can see deep inside…

Out at a lunch break, she is interviewed while she flashes her breasts, then goes to a grocery store for some veggies while flashing people buying stuff around her! Out at an office, she strips down from her sexy formal wear and catches more attention from people passing by. She is super sexy no doubt!

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We then enjoy seeing her completely naked with heels on, walking through a parking area enjoying that amazing teen figure. Later in the day, she puts on a cute dress & heels, gives us upskirt views, then pulls out a speculum! Pushing it inside her, we get to see all the way down her vagina to her cervix, all out in the open in front of a banking area!

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So as her video adventure continues, we see her in a ponytail and only a top on, running through a golf course park area playing with a soccer ball. She used to be a soccer player, and spends most of her time hiking and jogging now. In no time she’s completely naked… then finding a long cucumber to penetrate herself standing up, and then riding it in the grass. Hot views of the penetration from different angles.

Back home, she experiments with a bottle, pushing it as deep as it can go, getting past the wide end… Notice her milky white juices build up on the bottle, which she then pulls out and rubs on her nipples like cream! She tries going as deep as possible by sitting on it and using her body weight. Also notice the suction sound as she pulls it out.

More veggie action continues as she tries to use a large summer squash, but its too wide and she can’t get most of it in… so she uses a banana instead! She fucks herself hard with the banana, until its turned to mush…

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She likes to sing and dance, so we see her do that next, in the nude, with her own unique way of dancing. To end the day, we enjoy her figure in a cute bra & panties, showing off and massaging her firm breasts & butt, then gaping her vagina from behind and fingering herself. So enjoy this gorgeous Total First Timer, with that very sexy teen look that turns most guys on.

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