Winter in The Wisconsin Beauty

A totally natural beauty, this girl mesermerizes you with her gorgeous figure, seductive eyes and full smile… Just turned 20, she’s got that youthful and alluring look to her, and legs to die for!

We first see her at a tourist area, in a sexy short dress and wedges, as she parades around and gives us upskirt views of her cute panties, and peeks between her legs. When her breasts come out, wow, they’re perfect, round C’s! She’s never done any work before, but she doesn’t seem to be too shy about public nudiy!

So she then visits a delivery truck, and takes her panties off and spreads in front of the workers! They enjoy the show…along with other passers-by. She continues with her upskirt teases around the tourist areas, now without panties… and then goes home to masturbate. Using her fingers, she rubs herself hard and fast, and ends up having a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions.

We then get extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, while she talks about her early, and very conservative sex life, and we discover she hasn’t ever been with a guy bigger than average. So we bring in a larger vibrating dildo for her to try, and she ends up fucking it to another suprise orgasm! On the next morning, we see her jogging down a path, flashing her breasts, then getting completely naked for a little nude run!

She’s got her hair in cute pigtail braids that makes her look younger. She then masturbates with her fingers in the bathtub, and gets to another orgasm with hard, fast finger rubbing on her clit. We then get to enjoy her full natural breasts as she gives them a very hard massage, and a little foot fetish play as well.

Later in the afternoon, she goes out shopping, and flashes her perfect breasts at a mall, restaurant and department store. She then goes to a change room and records herself in the nude, and trying on different clothes. Back home, she does a cute dance in her new clothes, then a nude version… she’s got such a cute body for nudes! She then masturbates again, this time in her sexy pink heels, and has another natural orgasm with strong vaginal contractions.

As the sun sets, we check her sexy body out in a bikini (what a cute butt!), and then she gets kinky… by playing with a glass toy in her butt! She pushes it in and pulls it out in different positions, for those of you who enjoy the anal fetish. The shoot ends with a sexy fashion shoot with her in jean shorts, new heels, and a tight top. A lot of first time experiences for her as she gets her feet wet with her first adult shoot here — and she’s definitely one of those gorgeous dream girls too cute to be true — we all want to see on FTV!

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