Ftv Girls Moka Mora in Working for the Figure

She’s a beautiful brunette with big brown innocent almond eyes, a supersweet smile, a cute Spanish accent, and a body every guy would desire! We meet Moka on a cool overcast day as she walks around in public, showing her willingness to get naked where any passersby could see and we note how tight and sexy that butt of hers is. She’s currently in school studying chemistry but plans to become a surgeon…so before she really buckles down to study for years she wanted to have some fun!

After a close call or two it was time for a change of scenery and we next see her in a short skirt which slides to the ground as she spanks herself and spreads her slender legs open, getting more daring and then walking completely nude through a parking lot.

Next it’s time to head indoors for a little more privacy and we see her wearing only high heels and a smile as she spreads, penetrating herself with a large glass toy – we note how milky her juices get as she fucks herself faster and faster – but before she cums she wants some vibration so she tries out the Vibraking…its powerful vibrations are almost too strong for her but she loves it, holding the toy between her thighs and buzzing her clit until she has a leg-shaking moaning orgasm!

Next we see her using a glass toy for penetration while buzzing her pretty petite privates with the vintage vibrator at the same time – we note how the glass toy stuffs her labia inside herself with every thrust – bringing her to another orgasm. After a break we see Moka dancing around in her cute pink pajamas, letting them fall to the floor as the song goes on and ending up completely nude before playing with a toy for one last orgasm of the day, penetrating herself and vibrating her clit and we note how creamy and dripping wet with come she becomes down there from all the attention.

The next morning we see her in bed in her pajamas, fingering her hole – note she’s already wet from her sexy dreams – and bringing herself to orgasm just using her fingertips!

Next it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and we see her outdoors on the deck pulling up her dress to show her cute butt but it was a bit windy so after some more fingering she headed back indoors, pulling out some kinky toys…first we see her use a speculum to spread herself open, then inserting the ‘gape cage’ to give a great look inside her vagina. After using those toys to stretch herself out she tried fisting, but was not quite able to fit her entire hand inside…next we see her using the gape cage along with the vintage vibrator for yet another orgasm!

Next we see some yoga in the nude as she stretches her lithe body out, and we note her flexibility as she sucks her own toes and feet for some foot fetish fun. Last it was time for some anal pleasure and we see her fingering her ass while using the vintage vibrator again for one last orgasm…she’s a gorgeous exotic Spaniard with a perfect slender fit body, and we see just how much she enjoys orgasmic sexual play in all its forms, right here on FTV!

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