Ftv Girls Melissa May in Hometown Sweetheart

She’s a spunky, fun loving 18 year old who wanted to start her career in adult, starting with FTV. From a small town in Virginia, it was her first time out of the state.

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We see her wake up in the morning, masturbate with her fingers, then use the Eroscillator Toy to a strong orgasm. Not only was it the strongest orgasm of her life, she also squirted for the first time! She had never used a vibrator before.

We then see extreme closeups of her very pretty and petite private parts, and she tries fingering anally for the first time as well.

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Watching her naked body, we see her put on cute, casual clothes, and go out for some flashing of her breasts at lunch. She then sucks on a large dildo, and penetrates herself with it — but its too big for her (even though she takes it all the way).

After playing around in the pool, she ends up using the water hose like a sex toy, and stuffs it inside her, squirting water out! Wearing more, cute casual girl-next door clothes, we see run through a golf course and flash her breasts & butt. This time, the golfers do not approve…

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Getting kinky, she stuffs beads inside her, and slowly pulls them out, then uses a speculum so you can see deep inside her all the way to the cervix.

As the sun goes down, she goes hiking, in a very skimpy outfit, and we check out that full butt as she goes up. Eventually naked at the top of the hill, she fingers herself, and enjoys the sunset. On day two, she goes shopping, looking for cute shoes and sandals. We end up watching her pick two for purchase, try them there, and flash her breasts. Then to the grocery store, where she buys veggies and flashes some more.

At a fancy resort, we see her in a very cute white dress & sandals, and in her hands, the sexy heels she bought at the store. Before putting them on, she penetrates herself deep with one heel, right to the base! Sexy views of the penetration, then her modeling with them on. Back home, she uses the Eroscillator Vibrator again, and ends up with another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She’s in love with that toy now… Then she gives us extreme closeups of her pretty tiny private parts, and finger herself anally again.

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Visiting a botanical garden, we see her in a cute blue summer dress, and watch her give us upskirt views. Finding a cucumber, she penetrates herself with it, taking it as deep as it can go… Then in another cute dress we see her masturbating with a banana, then getting naked to play in the water sprinklers. She ends up poolside, skinny dipping and talking about her sex life. Cute, innocent looking, and totally fun-loving type, she’s one of those girls that makes you smile the whole way through her shoot 🙂

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