Ftv Girls Mary & Aubrey in Adventures in Maui

Its been a while since FTV has invaded Maui for a shoot… and two petite girls who enjoy public nudity and the exotic locations have a week adventure there! Aubrey arrives first, and greets Mary as she arrives to the fancy hotel. Together they get well acquainted with some flashing all around the hotel, and as always, drawing attention to themselves!

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The next morning, the girls go out to do some shopping at a sassy Maui mall, wearing short, sexy dresses with their sexiest heels. No panties of course, and we get some crazy upskirt and flashing action as people walk by confused as to whether its a fashion shoot… or something a lot more explicit!

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Back at their room, they start fingering themselves, then masturbate with vibrators to strong orgasms. Both get pretty wet, dripping with juices, strong vaginal contractions, then spread and gape (Mary has the talent of super gaping so wide you can see deep inside!) and showing off their private parts up close.

Then wearing cute Hawaiian Style dresses and cute sandals, they visit some local shops (with lots of flashing of course) and going more explicit at restaurants nearby. Some shop owners don’t mind seeing these girls go topless and show off their sexy butts!

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They then visit another fancy hotel, and decide to spread and finger themselves on the couches in the lobby! More spreading and extreme gaping, and they’re back out on their adventure to the beach next to the hotel.

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Its a super busy place, but they don’t mind getting their dresses a little wet, and giving us peeks between their legs! Washing their pretty feet at the outdoor shower, they then make out on a bench, visit a park, and do acrobatics in the dresses, making their breasts fall out and skirts hike up!

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In the car to their next destination, they sing along to music while topless, bouncing around like adventurous teens. Then they run in the middle of the street flashing, and take all their clothes off for some naked running through the parking lot! Later that night, they visit the busy hotel pool and jacuzzi with accidental nipple slips and such… in front of other adults taking a swim. The adventure continues on the next day…

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