Ftv Girls Ivy Wolfe in Wild Masturbation

Ivy is a 20 year old living in the Pacific Northwest just starting out in the adult industry who heard about FTV, and thought it sounded like the perfect start to her new career.

When we meet this bubbly charismatic girl she’s in her comfortable loose gray top and pants playing with her breasts – we note how sensitive her erect nipples are – and then this excited cutie digs into her luggage to find some toys to play with. She uses a big black magic wand vibrator on her pretty pink privates bringing herself to a loud, intense orgasm!

We see her experimenting with the FTV gape cage which spreads her privates wide as she plays, slipping her fingers inside and then using a toy while the cameraman pours water inside her vagina for more kinky pleasure. The combination of cool water inside with the gaping sensation and the vibration of her toy brings her to another strong vocal orgasm with squirting of the water as well as her natural juices!

Next we see her relieving herself outdoors on the patio in a peeing scene as the cameraman clicked away. Next is a fun dancing scene after a quick candy break, and the sugar rush puts some extra pep in her step as she shakes her perfect shapely butt and perky firm breasts!

Afterwards to relax we see her giving herself a hard butt massage with coconut oil, then slipping her fingers inside herself to see how many she can fit at once, a brand new experience for her. Staying in the ass-up position she uses a magic wand vibrator, ending up inserting it inside herself and then using her hand to fist herself!

Next she tries a huge thick toy but her vagina was a bit sore after all the playing so she had to put that one aside for now…instead she plays using her fingers, pulling her labia aside and penetrating herself – we note how wet she sounds inside – and she gets turned on enough that she wants more vibration fun so we see her trying the powerful Vibraking toy which brings her to even more strong vocal orgasms!

Afterwards we see another peeing scene out on the patio, and she also drips her orgasmic juices at the same time before she bids us farewell…she’s a beautiful slender and super cute newcomer to the adult industry with a great career ahead of her, and it’s a joy to share some of her sexy adventures right here on FTV!

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