Ftv Girls Hope in Enjoying the Fist

Beautiful, sexy, leggy, and surprisingly kinky — she’s a fun-loving girl who enjoys having multiple orgasms any time she can.

We first see her in a sexy flower dress & wedges, visiting a fancy home. Spreading her legs for us, she shows off her pubic hair and pulls on it, then starts fingering herself.

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She finds herself a vibrator, masturbating to orgasm — notice the nice strong vaginal contractions. She wants more however, and uses the vintage vibrator in doggy style to have a second, even stronger orgasm!

FTV Girl Stacey meets up with her (we haven’t seen her in 2 years!) and ends up watching Hope fist herself, and then make out with her while she is doing it.

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Back home, we see Hope play with the Magic Wand toy, and tries to push it in her vagina with Stacey’s help. Stacey ends up fisting her instead — and goes so deep, to her forearm! Hope is really enjoying being fisted, and does it in doggy style even deeper, then rides Stacey’s fist and grinds hard against her hand going deep to her tummy. After all that fisting, Hope spreads and gapes her stretched out vagina.

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Putting on another gorgeous dress & wedges, we watch her dance to some music, then finger herself some more. Glass toys come out, and tries out some anal play. The ball shaped end goes inside her, and she starts fucking herself anally. Then she pushes in the large Glass Ball Toy into her vagina, double penetrating herself! Fully filled with glass toys, she pushes her limits in both holes. Then she gets both toys in vaginally, and really stretches herself out.

Moving on to veggies, she takes a corn on the cob, and takes that odd-shaped thing as deep as it can go! A banana comes next, and she manages to get nearly all of it to disappear inside her.

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She then is introduced to the FTV Titan Toy — a debut of the monstrous toy — the largest toy ever. With Stacey’s help, she rides the thing as far as her vagina could manage, but wow is it big!

So Stacey starts deep fisting her again, then fist-punching her, and its amazing to see how much Hope enjoys Stacey’s fist. They end the day together, playing with each others’ pubic hair, and cuddle together. A sensual, extreme update that you fisting lovers will really enjoy 🙂

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