Ftv Girls Eva & Violet in College Girls in Love

Two popular teens on FTV, who also are real life best friends in college, get to debut their girl-girl experience… they’ve fooled around with each other before, but never like this, let alone on camera!

We see the pair at a restaurant row, in cute casual wear, short skirts and no panties, making out while touching each other. They fondle their breasts, and draw the attention of people driving by, and they love that attention! We get to enjoy their natural bonding at a park area, where they continue to express their affection for each other by touching, kissing, and sucking on each other’s breasts. They end up on a bench, where they begin to explore each others’ vaginas, fingering and tasting each other, with their legs spread open.

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Walking around in the grass, Eva squats down and takes a pee, while making out with her best friend… They then bring out an extra large double ended toy, and start fucking each other with it, then using it together, bottoming out on each side… until they get caught and have to leave. At a restaurant, they have breakfast and tease their pretty breasts…

Then over at a bird sanctuary, they stroll around naked, watching the birds, then fingering each other while making out. They look so comfortable out there together, without any clothes on.

They end up dancing together in the nude, right out there on the spot, having a good time until its back to sexual things, and Violet starts pounding Eva with a glass toy, then four fingers, helping Eva eventually squirt! Eva is so wet inside, so Violet starts working her hand in, and she briefly gets her whole fist in Eva, though the pressure is too much for her. She then gapes Eva so wide, you can see deep inside, and drools into her vagina, and you can see it flow down deep in her hole.

Its Violet’s turn to get fisted next, but as she’s slowly getting Eva’s hand in her, some old people show up asking strange questions… So they go back home, to the comfy bedroom and start wrestling each other, then going down on each other. Its Violet’s first time going down on any girl, and she starts to learn how to lick Eva’s clit properly, and we watch her tongue against the clit up close.

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The Magic Wand toy appears, and Eva ends up masturbating to orgasm with it, and the strong vaginal contractions are clearly seen. Eva then goes down on Violet, and has much more experience on how to go down on a girl; and with the warm-up the Magic Wand gets used again, with Violet ending up with a strong squirting orgasm, making the bed wet… Violet’s super wet vagina then gets fisted deep! Eva works her hand in really deep, exploring her private place, and Violet then uses the Magic Wand one more time, to a super strong orgasm while the hand is deep inside her! Eva likes fisting her so much she keeps pushing her hand back into Violet! And so ends part one of this erotic girl-girl experience, it gets even kinkier and more risky in part two!

These two beautiful, fun loving friends (now lovers!) continue their adventure in public places, expressing their affection for each other in romantic locations. We see them walking barefoot in the grass lakeside, wearing cute white summer dresses, making out, doing cartwheels (no panties of course) and sucking on each other’s breasts.
Then they help each other out on putting on their pretty white matching heels, looking like they just came out of a wedding! More making out and breast play, then a full stripdown out on location while landscapers watch… They go to another romantic setting, with fountains and beautiful arches, and its all about anal play this time!
They both decide that they want to push their anal limits beyond what they’ve done before. Eva gets fingered by Violet in the butt, then the 14 inch lavender toy slowly gets pushed inside… until it goes nearly completely inside her, over 13 inches in her butt! Violet cannot believe her eyes. A new deep record for sure; and then we get to see the entire length pulled out up close.

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Then Violet goes for the big toy, a large glass toy with the thickness of the Big Ten. She pushes it in deeper than she thought she would, and it locks into her butt, so she can pose in doggy with it… it really stretches her butt out! Then they are interviewed, holding hands, talking about how they met, and how their friendship grew over time. Wearing sexy new outfits with short skirts and sexy heels, the girls chill at an office area, drinking water and making out some more.
Then they decide to play on the couch, with Violet going down on Eva’s clit, and making Eva gape with four fingers. Then she pours water into Eva’s vagina, and she squirts it out! They have fun doing that, and Violet puts her finger inside the vagina full of water and plays with it, as well as going down on her some more.
When its Violet’s turn, she gapes even wider, and Eva pours water into her with her mouth, then watches Violet squirt. She even drinks from her loaded vagina! And so ends this fun, kinky adventure of two friends — now more like lovers — who discover each other’s intimate side and are closer because of it. Real life friends in a girl girl is always a better shoot for FTV 🙂
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  1. Ron says:

    I am absolutely in love w/, & so jealous of, the love these beautiful young ladies have for each other. They’re so free! It’s wonderful that , in this world, they just are.

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