Ftv Girls Dani In Orgasmic Exotic Beauty

This mixed beauty has and exotic and natural way about her — big beautiful green eyes, full lips, wonderful smile — topped with a firm, slim and sexy figure! She’s never done any adult work before, but her excitement definitely shows.

We first see her walking through a popular arts center, and notice how long and sexy her legs are! She’s wearing a sexy short white dress with hot wedges, and her playful side comes out as she parades around, flashing her nipples, then exposing that flawless, firm butt… as people pass by! Then she gets more frisky, rubbing and fingering herself on the spot, and you can hear how juicy she is inside. Some fellow on a bike is playing music, so she dances to it…

When she gets home, notice how her milky wet juices had built up on her vagina, starting to ooze out… and as she fingers herself, it gets all over her fingers! She tastes her juices, and its so much that it gets all over her tongue. She then hard-fingers herself to an orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions, and more milky juices all over her vagina!

We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her showing off that pretty, prominent clit, as well as gaping wide, so you can see deep inside! Notice how strong her vaginal muscles are, as she moves her vagina (and her butthole) open and close like a clamp. She then uses the Eroscillator Vibrator for the first time, and has another super strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! She then puts it on a higher setting, and ends up squirting, surprising herself, since she’s never squirted in her life! Notice her reactions to such a new experience.

We then see her do a sexy striptease dance, and she is pretty skilled in what she does! Her hip action and twerking is amazing. Back outside, we watch her masturbate again, using her new favorite vibrator, and ends up having multiple orgasms with multiple vaginal contractions — notice how her vagina contracts wildly! She then takes the Magic Wand toy, which she’s never used before and ends up with one final orgasm and another squirt!

To end the day, she uses a large glass toy, penetrates herself deep, and hits her g-spot just right. It makes her gape, and we enjoy a little more of her vagina deep inside… Another sexy, gorgeous teen, who is doing it all for the first time, and discovering her sexuality on camera!

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