Ftv Girls Brooke in Beautifully Articulate

Visiting from Wisconsin, this girl seems to hide behind her glasses, looking all innocent — but she is a super frisky and sexual girl under those conservative clothes!

She is looking to enter the adult industry, and gets her first adult experience with FTV.

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She’s not shy however, and whether it comes to public nudity or masturbation, she is very comfortable with it all. Her exhibitionist side comes out when we meet her at a restaurant area, with her homework in front of her. The glasses come off, and her daring side comes out when she flashes her breasts, and draw the attention of the workers inside! She ends up taking her pants down and fingering herself, getting herself wet and ready to masturbate.

Back home, she gets naked, and uses the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She gets even more wet after orgasm, and her wet fingers come out… she then talks about her early sex life as she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. She sort of a hippie nerd girl, without much in the way of dresses and heels, so she actually borrows her mom’s dress and heels for the next part!

Flashing and giving us upskirt teases, she pulls out her personal ribbed glass toy, and fucks herself with it. She then tries the opposite side for anal play, another first for her.

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We end up going shopping, and buying her a cute short skirt and top, with sexy strappy black heels (along with a flashing scene at a grocery store). Now this leggy girl parades around at a resort, looking livelier and more confident, transforming into a sexy woman. We watch her spread right in the middle of the courtyard, then take her panties and stuff them inside her! She then plugs in the Magic Wand toy to masturbate right in the top lobby of the hotel! Another orgasm… and some sexy nude walking in heels on the overpass.

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Finding a more quiet corner, she pops her breasts out, gives them a hard massage, and pulls hard on her nipples, stretching them out. Back home, she puts on a cute white bra & panty set, then does a hard sex session with a long dildo, pushing it really deep! She ends up having a sex orgasm from it, which was very satisfying for her.

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She’s back out again, this time at another resort, but barefoot and with only a seethrough dress on. The teases lead to her using a thick cucumber, and she ends up with another sex orgasm while pounding herself right there! The day comes to an end with a sexy dance in red lingerie, and a masturbation to another strong orgasm to finish. She’s a total girl next door, who you’d never think would ever consider porn, but here she is, on FTV 🙂

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