Ftv Girls Alyssa in The Most Glorious Pair

She just turned 18, and with such an innocence look, this doe-eyed teen has something she has been shy about revealing, these most glorious, perfect double-d breasts…

Usually covered up and hiding them, her first adult experience here on FTV was the perfect way to get them exposed, and proud of what she has!

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Besides the perfect naturals, she has a small waistline that only accentuates the perfect pair. She is introduced at a pretty exotic locale, in her casual wear… but its hard to hide those big breasts! Soon enough they pop out, and she’s exposing them while people drive by. She squeezes them and massages them, runs topless, and reveals her cute private parts between her legs.

She then visits a grocery store where she gets even more daring in topless form… that is until we were forced to leave! Back home, she uses the Eroscillator Toy to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions… and as you watch, notice how wet she gets, she ends up dripping down juices naturally.

We then get nice views of her cute butt, and extreme closeups of some of the prettiest and tiniest private parts. She then gets a little dorky by dancing naked to her favorite spice girls song, singing along… and giving us a cute bra & panty show on the bed.

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Later in the day, she’s wearing a cute dress and wedges, walking down a street, when she gives us cute upskirt and downblouse views, then gets completely naked and runs up and down the street! Notice how firm those breasts are while bouncing about.

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We then go voyeur, and watch her poolside, enjoying her naked body and her still wet private parts. She goes indoors to masturbate with the Magic Wand toy, and ends up squirting… and its super shocking to her because she’s never squirted in her life!

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After a sexy shower, lathering her breasts and butt with soap, she then poses some more in a cute summer dress, then does a very extensive hard breast massage with baby oil. She even has her breasts ‘man-handled’ with a really hard man massage.

As the day comes to a close, she says her goodbyes in downtown, and eats a sandwich at a restaurant topless… of course! One of the most innocent and ‘so not what you’d think would do porn’ girls ever, she is gifted with the perfect naturals, for you to enjoy for the first time on the internet!

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