Daphne bites down

FTVGirls finds some of the hottest all natural girls. In this gallery, we have the sexy & curvy Daphne posing with a blue dildo in her mouth. I like how she is biting down hard on it! To see more samples from this set, make sure you click here.

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1 Response

  1. DirtyOldBstrd says:

    WoW…Nice…..Daphne……..is Yummy.
    her natural Womanly curves and yummy Pussy with her natural tan; pretty face all the more too love her. really love her curves……..
    curvy girls always seem to have that Pussy that swallows your cock have sex with them. not too mention the tightness factor also…..well Some of them. anyway.
    I think we can all say Daphne is one that pleases us well.
    More Daphne PLEASE.

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