Chloe in Charismatic Beauty

Saraya’s beautiful and conservative best friend finally changes her mind, and decides to shoot for FTV! She’s a total girl next door type, but we discover how kinky she really is under those conservative clothes!

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We first see her at a tourist area, listening to local musician and dancing. She then teases some upskirt and downblouse with that cute green dress she’s wearing, and takes her panties off… doing risky public nudity!

She goes back home, and uses the Eroscillator… something she wanted to try ever since her friend used it. She ends up with a strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions! Her juicy wet vagina gets fingered, then she spreads and shows her tight little pussy up close, talking about how she started masturbating. Her pretty swollen clit is seen in extreme detail.

Indoors, she gets kinky, and uses the kitchen faucet as a toy! She stuffs it inside her vagina deep, and then turns on the water to squirt it out! Putting on a cute pair of bra and panties, she brushes her hair, then uses the handle like a toy, holding it tight in her vagina… then does herself with a curling iron. She’s so horny, and wants more penetration… fingering herself and riding the long tool. She then gets comfy on the bed, and uses the Eroscillator Toy one more time, and ends up having another strong orgasm, with contractions that last for a while… and plays with her breasts, pulling on her nipples and sucking on them.

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On the next day, Saraya joins her, and together they get pretty frisky in public; right in front of a popular condominium resort! We get a lot more teasers and upksirt from Chloe, and together you can see their friendship and chemistry. Going back home, Chloe has a thing now for water sports; she ends up using a water hose inside her, with the power turned on full blast for some intense pleasure, squirting water out! She then ends up needing to pee… On the bed, she tries out the vintage vibrator, which ends up bringing her to an even stronger orgasm… and strong vaginal contractions!

She gets very juicy wet, and flirty… In a very sexy dress and heels, she does more teasers up her skirt, and it turns into a panty fetish scene… she stuffs the panties deep inside her, until they go missing, then pushes them out with her strong vaginal muscles… and shows off the juices that built up on it! She’s never had any sort of anal experience in her life, and she’s going to go all out on anal experimentation. Starting with a finger, then a glass toy, she surprises herself as to how deep she goes with it! Also another surprise was how much she actually enjoyed it. In a cute white seethrough nightie and heels, she does a sexy dance to music, and she is definitely talented at doing it!

She’s fallen for the vintage vibrator, so she ends up using it again — with another strong orgasm — then does it a second time for another one! She’s becoming multi-orgasmic with that toy. She then is introduced to the Big Ten Toy, which is the largest thing she’s ever had… and gives it a blowjob, then rides it deep! She then gets fucked missionary style and comes to love the toy. This FTV girl is a perfect example of someone who gets to have new kinds of sexual experiences, opening herself up to new ways to pleasure herself — and enjoying all of it. And you guys enjoy watching this FTV-only girl do it all 🙂

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