Carmen Freedom of Expression

Tall, leggy and cute girl-next-door type who is still nineteen, really wanted to try adult, even though she’s only been with two guys, and has never even taken nudes of herself before. She felt it was time for her to explore her sexuality, and FTV was a good start!

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We meet her at a restaurant area, seeing her in a red dress and heels, soon enough the panties come off, breasts out, and she’s rubbing/fingering her clit right there! Going home, she strips down to music, and does her own sexy dance. Notice how wet she gets, her vagina getting sticky with juices, from all the rubbing and touching — so she masturbates on the bed using her fingers, to a nice, natural orgasm.

She then spreads her clit, gapes, and plays with her labia; then gets introduced to dildos, which she’s never used before. Starting with a double-ended toy, she pushes it in, both sides together, trying to get the whole thing in her vagina! Then she uses a large glass toy, experiencing the full width of it penetrating her. She’s also never used a vibrator before, and tries out the Eroscillator — ending up with a very strong orgasm and some long vaginal contractions! She said she’s never had such a strong orgasm in her life!
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Eventually moving to the Big Ten Toy, she fucks herself with it in all sorts of positions, then uses the vibrator in tandem with fucking the Big Ten, and has another super strong orgasm! As wet as she is, she sticks four fingers inside her, feeling her cervix deep in the back of her vagina. Out at a grocery store, she buys some phallic veggies, giving us upskirt views and breast teases, and does an interview at a restaurant with her breasts exposed… We also see her in cute bra and panties, playing with her perky breasts and nipples.
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Later in the day, we see her jogging at a lakeside park, eventually going topless, then running completely naked! She finds a banana, and proceeds to fuck herself right there out on a park bench! Both city employees and random guys notice, and watch… Another sexy naked dance to music, then an outfit change to another fashionable dress and heels, then she takes her thick heels off, and tries to fuck it… She also likes anal play, so we watch her finger herself with two fingers, then try a glass anal toy, pushing it in and pulling it out! Then she uses a large cucumber, first fucking her vagina with it then going anal, pushing her limits!

To finish the day with one last orgasm, she uses the Eroscillator Toy once again, and ends up with another strong orgasm, and very strong vaginal contractions. A enthusiastic total first timer, who is doing this for the love of expression, is another wonderful addition to FTV 🙂Click here to visit Ftv Girls

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