Ftv Girls Thena Flexible Beauty

Thena looks like your average hot girl walking down the street wearing a tight white shirt and jeans with some flip flops. She spins for the camera and you get an idea of how hot her body might be but covered in clothes it is just so hard to tell.

Luckily the guys at FTVGirls know how to get hot girls naked and the quickly have her flashing her tits by pulling down her white shirt. Then they invite her back to the mansion where she strips down fully nude proving how hot she really is.

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Thena Flexible Sexy


Her nice natural tits are perky and a good size for her body. But then she surprises everyone with her flexibility! Most guys fantasize about gymnasts and sex but Thena actually delivers throwing her legs behind her head and baring her pussy to the world. I bet the sex with her is amazing that flexibility would allow you to fuck in all kinds of fun positions.

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