Ftv Girls Avia The Fashion Model

Tall, sexy, and very sexual Avia is experiencing adult for the first time in her life. For her, its an experience she wants to try once, thus exclusively for FTV.

We meet her for an interview in the car, while they drive to Napa Valley, her wearing a cute minidress & heels. Soon enough her panties are off, and she’s masturbating with a vibrator — to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions while the car is on the highway! She ends up doing it again a second time, with her experimenting anally (which is also a first time for her — never had anal play or anal sex before).

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Then we get some upskirt teases at a cottage hotel area, and watch her go to her hotel room to finger herself and use a vibrating dildo for more deep penetration and more orgasmic results!

On the next day, we see her change out at a busy parking area, getting completely naked, then parade around at a busy campsite flashing her butt and fingering herself with more upskirt views!

Visiting a hiking area, she then puts on a workout outfit, but soon enough she’s completely naked on the trail, and other hikers get a glimpse of what’s going on!She then pulls out a banana, and fucks herself with it on a nearby bench along the trail!

Back on the road, she visits a local gas station, and starts exposing her butt and masturbating right there at the store! She ends up drawing attention to herself and has to leave…

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Back in the bedroom she masturbates with the vibrator some more, ending up with another super strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, all the while having a glass dildo deep in her butt! She then tries pushing the big end of the glass dildo deeper in her butt, pushing her limits on what she can do anally. Enjoy this FTV Exclusive girl, she’s truly a natural masturbator with some really nice orgasms…

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  1. carfon says:

    What a beatiful girl, who likes to show her lovely, juicy holes. And she seems to love it in her sexy rounded ass. Would like to see this ass with a creamy creampie. But is this Kara or her twin sister Mira?

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