Ftv Girls Kimmie & Mackenzie in BI-Curious Teens

The gorgeous and fun-loving teen Mackenzie is back, and she’s brought her cute friend with her, Kimmie, and this time she’s ready not only to get naked in front of the camera, but go all out in a kinky girl girl!

We meet them at a busy mall, and check out Kimmie and her short skirt; soon enough they’re making out right there at the mall, then Kimmie takes her panties off and fingers herself! We see them get frisky at a department store as well as a bookstore, then at the food court, and Mackenzie has no problem fingering her friend right there out in the open public nudity… and with all those security cameras.

Speaking of security, the girls narrowly escape trouble, and find themselves out at a park. Even there, a park ranger keeps watch on them, while they make out and give us more upskirt views… Notice how perky Kimmie’s nipples are! Totally the kind of nipples that demand sucking on. Back in the bedroom, they undress, and go kinky right away, spreading each other and fingering each other anally!

That was the first day, and their warm-up together… The next morning, we see them in the bed together, wearing cute bras & panties, and start with some sensual kissing, then intimate nipple play and sucking (both girls have such perky nipples!). Then Kimmie goes down on Mackenzie, fingering her and licking her clit, getting Mackenzie all horny.

She finger rubs herself, and ends up having a mini-squirting orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Mackenzie returns the favor on Kimmie, licking and sucking on her clit, fingering her wet pussy, then letting Kimmie masturbate with a vibrator to orgasm. They end up cuddling again and having a pillow fight… the cute teens continue getting really kinky on the next update…

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On their third day together, these cute teens get more comfortable with each other’s bodies to become kinkier — and it starts on the pool table! The girls are wearing sexy dresses and heels, while we get upskirt and downblouse views of the action. No doubt, their dresses eventually come off, and they’re playing pool naked… Kimmy gets the idea to use the pool stick as a fuck toy!

Taking the thick handle, she pushes into Mackenzie’s pussy as deep as it can go, then fucks her with it! The pounding gets Mackenzie turned on enough to continue with her fingers, and end up with an orgasm and squirting all over the pool table! With Mackenzie’s vagina being so wet, Kimmie sticks a few fingers into her, and tastes it. Then its Kimmie’s turn to get fucked by the pool stick, and she wants it harder & faster, getting pounded so hard that with her favorite vibrator she ends up having a super strong orgasm!

That was hot… and deep. The girls then share rabbit vibrators, and continue to masturbate on the couch, each coming to their own orgasm and Mackenzie squirting once again! Kimmie helps out and pushes the rabbit hard on Mackenzie’s clit and gets her really rouled up! Then we get a little Kimmie foot fetish, as Mackenzie paints her toenails, and Kimmie fondles Mackenzie’s breasts with her feet. Then Mackenzie starts painting Kimmie’s perky nipples and then they rub their nipples together!

Wearing their cute schoolgirl-themed outfits, we then see them next to the bathtub, with more sensual kissing, then undressing and having a little bubble bath together. They lather each other with soap, and we get to see their wet bodies and sexy butts being played with. Then it gets super kinky — the shower head become their sexy toy — they start fucking each other with it, pushing the entire handle into each other, while water squirts out… and they really get off on it! After this crazy and kinky sexual experience, the curl up and make out once again. Bi-curious teens exploring their sexuality, and you’ll only see them here on FTV 🙂

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